Couples Exercise!

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today, I decided to do a couples exercise and answer some questions frequently asked by friends or family. Hope you guys enjoy!

San Antonio, Texas – December 2016

1. Who is up first in the morning?

Definitely John, not even going to lie. However, I do wake up early too!

2. Who takes longer to get ready?

John says I take longer and I will not argue.

3. Who apologizes first after an argument?

John says I do, but I only apologize if I started the argument or if I was in the wrong.

4. Who said “I love you” first?

This one is debatable. I will say John and he will say I did… He said it in his sleep and would call me love, but apparently that doesn’t count lol

5. Who  mentioned marriage first?

JOHN! 100% hands down not me!

6. Who makes all the decisions?

I’m indecisive so I leave everything up to him.

7. Who is the messiest?

That is a no brainer! John! What is it with men and leaving dirty laundry on the floor just inches from the hamper? I will never know…

8. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

John wears the pants, but I wear the belt. For the most part, we try to be equal.

9. Who is more into their looks?

John says I am, but that’s a given. I am a female so it’s only natural.

10. Who spends more money?

OMG! John does! He’s not very great at managing finances, but that’s what I’m here for.

11. Who likes to shop more?

Surprisingly, John! I mean, once upon a time, I used to splurge. But now I shop for home decor and Jahshae. Mostly… John shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone. Especially online.

12.Who has the bigger wardrobe?

John. He just added like 30 pieces of clothing to his wardrobe. He will say that I took over the closet, but no no no… He takes up 70% of the closet space, he utilizes 99% of the drawers, and still has a basket full of folded t-shirts. (insert side eye emoji here)

13. Who is grumpier in the morning?

Ha! That would be me. You would be grumpy too if you had someone like John Paul wake you up the way he does.

14. Who does most of the cooking?

He says he does, but truth be told, we both don’t cook very often. It’s just not my forte.

15. Who is the better driver?


16. Who cleans  more?


17. Who gave who the first kiss?

John lol

18. Who made the first move?

He will say I did, that I gave out some kind of signal, but that’s not true lol

19. Who does the dishes?

Me! He’ll help rinse them from time to time so that’s nice.

20. Who does the laundry?

Me! I do everything lol

21. Who is a bed hog?

John! He’ll just lay sprawled across the bed like I’m not even there.

22. Who is always running late?

John and it’s sometimes frustrating. Chamoru Standard Time!

23. Who takes a longer shower?

Me, of course!

24. Who is the bigger baby when they are sick?

He says I am and I can’t argue. When I get sick, I get really sick!

25. Who mows the lawn?

Ha! This is a funny one because I actually mow the lawn with the riding mower. He uses the bush-cutter.

26. Who holds their liquor better?

Definitely me!

27. Who has the best taste in decorating?

Certainly not John lol

28. Who has the best taste in music?

I would say me. I have a very eclectic taste in music. I like everything.

29. Who is funnier?

We have a humorous relationship, but John is funnier. Literally the funniest person I’ve ever met!

30. Who has the biggest heart?

I think John does. Not saying I’m cold-hearted, but he’s very kind. Even though he’s the strong, but silent type, he’s also caring. He’s a good man.


All questions were answered by John and myself together lol

See you next time!

Just Jev


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