Opaque Masks

via Daily Prompt: Opaque

not able to be seen through; not transparent.
At times I can be unpredictable. I’m definitely not as transparent as most people are. I guess that makes me opaque. I will show my personality (which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself and not as bleak as you might read it to be), but I will not show my feelings. It’s very natural for me to stay guarded. I can look a person in the eye, it’s when they look back into mine that’s the problem, so I look away. On the outside, I look calm and collected, but deep down inside, there is a storm swirling around. And no one can see it clearly or perhaps they can’t at all…
It’s both a blessing and a curse where loved ones are concerned. You always want your relationship with those who matter most to have that emotional bond rather than view them through an opaque lens, as if you were from opposite spectrum’s of the world. Or vice versa… but I do like having the element of surprise when I need it most. That’s always a plus. Sure, I have to work a little harder at communicating my feelings because we humans are not mind readers. (I haven’t met any yet.) And sometimes, my boyfriend has a hard time reading me, but we work through it…
Just Jev


2 thoughts on “Opaque Masks”

  1. Your statement about “showing personality, but not always feelings” has stuck with me. I have wondered why it is that we can be ourselves, but more often than not it is harder to show how we are truly feeling inside? Maybe it is cultural that feelings should be kept to themselves, or it is part of the human nature? I look forward to reading more of your posts both from the past and in the future!

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