Bad Day Turned Around

The exact moment I thought to myself, “Can my day get any worse?”

What I thought was going to be the start of a good day ironically started off terribly.

I awoke to the sound of John saying his good-byes and I love yous as he kissed me before he headed out to work. Unfortunately I am not that girlfriend who wakes up first to cook breakfast and pack lunch, but we’ll save that for another day. When I finally came to it, I checked the time which read 6:32am. I did what any normal person would do… I rolled over and closed my eyes. I had a whole two hours and thirty minutes before I had to be at work so why not sleep in a little? Well, that’s where I was headed before I had the genius idea to just get out of bed and carpe diem!

And here is where I thought I’d start the day off good:

I wrapped myself up in a nice warm towel after taking a cold shower. Beauty Tip: Washing your face with cold water tightens/ minimizes your pores! Oh and here’s a Fun Fact: Guam’s humidity is real so cold showers are a must! Geez, it’s 90 degrees outside. After choosing my work attire and primping myself up which took about an hour, I went out to feed the dogs and pups. It was warm out, the sun was beaming, and I felt good. John’s dad was awake and working at his desk. After gathering my things and making my way out, he insisted I have breakfast. He did an early morning run to Daddy’s Donut Shop — only one of the best bakeries on island. But that’s just my opinion. So I decided to grab just one donut. Yes, this is the same donut as seen in the above image. Heartbreaking, I know… I thought I had deserved that donut! I’ve made sure to go to the gym at least two or three days out of the week AND I’ve been pretty good at balancing my low and high carb intake… So you see, I really really really needed that donut.

I loaded the car up and started my drive to work. It normally takes me about 25 – 30 minutes to get there if traffic isn’t so bad. I left roughly around 8:15am and calculated my time accordingly. I was to reach work by 8:45am which would clock me at 15 minutes early, I would be over time just a bit giving me more time the following day to get coffee for my colleagues and myself in celebration of Friday! I was happy on my drive to work. I felt great! I had my donut in the passenger seat, I knew the work load wouldn’t be too much considering I was ahead, and I was planning my lunch hour.

5 minutes away from work, a three car accident occurred causing traffic to move a tad bit slower than the pace we were already going. I made it to my usual parking destination by 8:47am. Not too bad I thought. That wasn’t until I drove to the fourth floor realizing there were no parking spaces available. I circled around again in hopes to catch a car pulling out not realizing that I was one of many. When I decided to park across the street, traffic was already created trying to exit the lot. Those who know me also know that my road rage can be a bit intense. I’ll just leave it at that heh…  Thank the Lord, there was more than enough space for me, I had 10 minutes left! I parked the car and gathered my belongings, donut in hand, car keys in the other. As I shut the door closed, that’s when it happened… (Please insert heavily dramatic sad song.) MY DONUT FELL. The epitome of things not going my way… And yes, I stood there for a minute or two or three, mouth gaped with one thought on my mind. WHAT THE FUCK!? 

I quickly collected myself knowing I had less than 10 minutes to get into the building that had a five lane street between us.  I reached the cross walk only to find the traffic light was down, so every passing vehicle was speeding and didn’t care about little ol’ me trying to cross. Time was ticking away and I was too sad about the stupid fallen donut that I didn’t care if I was late. Ok, I did care and luckily, it was just by two minutes. I got to my desk and shared the story with my colleagues and ended up posting the picture on social media because why not have everyone laugh at my unfortunate event? Maybe it was God’s way of saying “You don’t need that.” I do believe everything happens for a reason. I’m also happy to report that I’m over it. My co worker Ken just got back from vacation and brought us treats from Japan. He also remembered to buy me a key chain from Seattle which I was super stoked to receive. Three hours have passed since that dreadful incident and I’m remaining optimistic about the rest of my day. Besides, it is almost Fri-Yay!


In writing this, I meant it to be humorous 🙂

Just Jev


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